Dialysis & Ventilator Transport

Advance Medical Transport, LLC can help you with your dialysis and ventilator-dependent transport needs in the Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, area. We provide convenient medical transport with full support from your private residence, skilled nursing facility, or assisted living facility.
Ambulance at Night Ventilator Dependent Transfers in Murrells Inlet SC

Bedside-to-Bedside Stretcher Service

All of our medical staff members were chosen for their ability to provide non-ambulatory patients with maximum comfort when assisting in stretcher service transports. Moreover, our transport vehicles are equipped with the very latest in equipment and systems to ensure your loved one has the safest ride possible between destinations.

Dialysis Transport

In general, Medicare does not pay for dialysis transportation unless you meet medical necessity requirements for an ambulance. Advance Medical Transport, LLC can help. We provide stretcher transportation to and from dialysis appointments. A team including your doctor, nephrologist, social worker, dietitian, and education coordinator will establish the mode of transportation.

Ventilator-Dependent Transfers

For inter-facility ventilator-dependent transfers, Advance Medical Transport, LLC offers ALS capabilities, including ventilated transfers with adjustable flow rates for patients who are unable to breathe on their own, cardiac monitoring, IV pump infusion, capnography (a tool used to manage how well the patient is getting oxygen that you are giving them), automated blood pressure monitoring, and SPO2.

The adjustable ventilator flow rate may reduce the patients' recovery time down by two weeks. Using our own IV pumps to manage medications allows us to not have to take the equipment off hospital grounds. Any time you have a patient on medication, you have to be able to monitor their blood pressure with a non-invasive blood pressure cuff automatically every 5 minutes.

Our ventilator is the Impact Eagle 754 Uni-Vent Ventilatorâ„¢, which is known as one of the best critical care transport ventilators on the market.

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