Inter-Facility Transport

Choose Advance Medical Transport, LLC for quick, convenient inter-facility transport services in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. This includes basic and advanced life support transport services, as well as our hospice program. Arrange for our transportation services by contacting our ambulance service today.

Life Support Transport

63446790Basic Life Support
Basic life support is a level of medical care provided by pre-hospital emergency medical services. It may be used for patients going to doctor's appointments or during inter-facility transport, where patients require monitoring. This can also be used for discharges from hospital to home or a nursing home, assisted living facility, or rehabilitation center.

Basic life support consists of essential non-invasive life-saving procedures including CPR, bleeding control, splinting broken bones, artificial ventilation, and basic airway management. Basic life support level certifications include emergency medical technician (EMT) and certified first responder.

Advanced Life Support
Going beyond the basics, advanced life support consists of invasive life-saving procedures such as the placement of advanced airway adjuncts, intravenous infusions, manual defibrillation, and electrocardiogram interpretation, all provided by pre-hospital emergency medical services. Advanced life support level certifications include emergency medical technician (EMT-I) and EMT-Paramedic.

Hospice Care
Patients with terminal illnesses can be enrolled in our hospice program. This program manages all of the patient's care and transport. The hospice center facilitates all doctor's appointments, providing both patient and family with assistance in the end stages of life. We deliver compassionate care in the handling of our patients during hospice transport, as well as in dealing with patients and their families. We take the ultimate care in monitoring vitals.

Working together with hospice agencies, we transport patients to doctor's appointments, picking them up and moving them safely while making them as comfortable as possible. Patients' health is monitored to and from the appointments or to the hospice care facility. We have the training and understanding that it takes to deal with hospice.

When working with hospice, we bring the advantage of more than 10 years of personal and professional experience. Our staff provides the highest level of compassion and care to our hospice patients.

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